Developer Kit

The SDR Satcom Developer Kit is comprised of:


Hardware is being made available in support of open source development and it is expected that applications will be published under a licence which meets the Open Source Definition. While not mandatory, it is hoped that the project or maintainer will also distribute these via the SDR Satcom app store.

Inviduals, open source projects and organisations may qualify to receive free developer hardware as part of the European Space Agency sponsored SDR Satcom initiative. Projects which have previously received support are also invited to apply, where this will enable new contributors and further development.

Please note that where applicants are not formally associated with a relevant project or organisation, some evidence of experience developing software defined radio applications will be required. In such cases please include a link to a GitHub/GitLab or similar profile/repository which will provide this, along with a suitably detailed description of the proposed project.

Finally, if you have no relevant prior experience, but are keen to contribute, we recommend that you contact an existing project with a view to becoming a contributor and see if they will make an application on your behalf.


Requests will be reviewed every two weeks and hardware provided on a first-come-first-served basis. There are presently no plans to make further hardware available once this allocation is exhausted.


General support etc. questions should be directed to the MyriadRF forum.

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The MyriadRF Competions Terms & Conditions apply.